Ever wake up to a morning when after instantly feeling the energy of life surging through your body you just know that you’re going to have a great day, or have you ever just found yourself wondering when the lucky streak you appear to be experiencing is going to eventually come to an end? We perhaps all experience those periods in our lives when the stars just appear to be perfectly aligned for us, usually in a specific area of our lives.

That period during which the stars seem to be perfectly aligned for you however never seems occur with regards to one’s desire to travel. When you want to travel, particularly for leisure purposes, there’s always more than one element which presents itself as a very strong reason why you shouldn’t book that ticket. This is something which may seem a bit obvious, but for us travellers at heart who could really do with that next trip, it’s somewhat of a sore point and it hits home much harder because there’s just something about passing up on even the slightest opportunity to travel which breeds a kind of regret for which there is only one cure, that being making sure to use the very next opportunity, no matter how slight that one is as well.

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Take it from someone who’s been travelling from the tender age of just eight years old. In my specific case, somewhere between then and all the way up to the present I went from not really being in tune with all the logistics that go into planning a trip to having to organise every aspect of my trip all by myself. The parents took care of everything and as with many other aspects of one’s childhood, all you really see is the end product of what your parents have to manipulate, plan and tweak in order to finally be able to announce that you’re all going on your next trip abroad.

As I grew older and from the very moment I understood a lot more of the dynamics surrounding the organisation of a trip, I came to realise that the stars are indeed never aligned. There is never a perfect time to travel. Something will always be holding you back, whether it’s waiting for someone you wanted to go away with to officially jump on board, waiting for your schedules to align (again if you want to travel with someone), waiting for special discounts so that you can at least afford your getaway, etc. There will always be some obstacle in your way, even in some instances if it’s something like your family disapproving of what in their eyes is a dangerously unconventional nomadic life. But there will always be something getting in the way. You know what, though? If you feel like you want to hire a 4×4 camper van rental in Iceland and explore the country by yourself or with your friends or partner, you should just go ahead and do it. No matter how many people disapprove.

Whether it’s about chartering a private jet to travel and have a luxurious travel experience or anything else, all you have to do is make a decision, save extra money for the time being probably after analyzing private jet flight cost, and you’ll be good to go. You don’t have to give up your desires because others don’t understand them.

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The reason why the stars will never be perfectly aligned for you to take that trip is because as common as travel is, it’s not really something which is considered to be a normal part of everyday life and the institutions which govern our lives present travel as something you do occasionally, perhaps when you’ve worked hard all year and saved up your money.

Either way, there’s a reason why your heart yearns for that next passport stamp, so go for it either way. You’ll just have to find a way to make it work, no matter if the stars aren’t even close to being aligned.

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Written by David

Hello I’m Keb, a self-confessed lover of travel and food, join me as I explore the world one meal at a time.