What you need to Know before Going on a Safari tour

Wild animals

While this may sound as though we’re stating the obvious, it’s important for visitors to safari parks to remember that the animals you encounter are not tame. While they may seem domesticated or predictable, the animals in the wild are to be regarded with respect and from a safe distance.

It is not advisable to leave your vehicle in the presence of wild animals unless your guide deems it safe for you to do so. Don’t try to pet, touch, or feed these animals. Animals such as elephants have been known to charge safari vehicle when they feel threatened or unsafe. Remember: you are just as scary to the animals as they may seem to you.

One way to experience these wildlife species before embarking on a safari tour, is to experience the next best thing: safari tours in 360 video. These can be a great way to test the waters and see if a safari in the countries is for you.

Health and Safety

Before you head off on your safari holiday, it’s important to check if there are any health considerations. It is always best to check with your local travel clinic if you require any vaccinations or anti-malaria medication before departure. Many countries require a Yellow Fever inoculation before entry, and you don’t want to be caught off guard. Also, look for malaria zones on the internet and clear up any confusion about the insects and pests you may have to encounter over there. Additionally, find out if the property has had pest control from MO exterminators. Only then should you plan your safari trip.

When to go

Typically, the most common time to go on a safari is during the dry season. This is because the animals are easy to find – gathered around the last few remaining water sources – and also much easier to see as the vegetation is also dry and therefore will not obstruct your view.

That said, the dry season is also the busiest seasons, and so you’re far more likely to see many other tourists.

This is not the only time that you’re able to enjoy a fulfilling and memorable safari tour. There are many times throughout the year where you’re able to experience excellent safaris, so it’s always best to do your research well and decide beforehand what kind of experience you would like to have.

One handy tool to look for when doing your research is to find safari tours in 360 video as this a great way to visualize the kind of experience you’re likely to have.

Choose your locations carefully

Where you choose to visit might be influenced by what you’re hoping to experience, for example the Wildebeest Migration River Crossings. Some locations are best at certain times of year, so it makes sense to time your visit with this, but other locations can be appreciated at any time of year, with distinct high and low seasons. Low season need not be overlooked – sometimes, the low season can offer a really excellent experience as well.

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