What to See and Do at Land’s End

Cornwall has long been one of the country’s most loved holiday destinations, where the seaside views are some of the best in the world. The famously named Land’s End is no exception. With an abundance of activities and beautiful scenery, there is no wonder that people come from far and wide to indulge in everything here. If you are planning a trip and are struggling to find what to fill your time with, you should take note of some key tips. This way, your holiday can go smoothly, and you will be wishing to come back long after you have left.

Try the local cuisine

The United Kingdom is known for its fish and chips. When you are staying in a place like Land’s End, where the fish is freshly-caught and the sea air is all around you, there is no better place to try the local take on it. Some of these hot plates can be enjoyed in the numerous inns around the area, or you can order a takeaway portion and go walking along the beach for an authentic experience. You should then buy some creamy Cornish fudge to create the perfect meal. However, if you go out for a cream tea, be sure to spread the jam on your scones before topping it with clotted cream!

Go shopping

Shopping is something everyone enjoys on holiday. Whether it is buying souvenirs for family and friends, or treating yourself during relaxing days, Land’s End has the perfect place to shop for everything. In fact, the West Country Shopping Village is a one-stop shop for buying clothes, gifts, and anything else you might need. Shopping here is considered an experience in and of itself, thanks to the old stone surroundings and cobbled streets. Such an experience is likely to melt even the most cynical of shoppers.

Make the most of the beaches

It is no secret that Land’s End boasts stretches of long, sandy beaches which come to life in warmer months. In summer, people can enjoy surfing and swimming in the waves, before returning to the hot sand to unwind. Even if you are heading there in the colder months, beach hikes and cliff walks are an ideal way to see the most incredible sea views. Among the best beaches to visit for relaxing are St. Ives Bay and Godrevy, but there are some Cornwall beaches which are perfect for surfing on if you want to get your heart racing. Whether you are holidaying with your kids, your dog, or just yourself, you will find many hidden spots that will take your breath away.

Enjoy the sights 

Some of the most popular sights at Land’s End are its many beaches. However, it is also a great spot for viewing native wildlife. When you are on the lookout, you should consider going to the First and Last Point and bringing your camera along with you to commemorate this experience. Sometimes, you can catch sight of rare birds and dolphins in the water. For a more immersive way to interact with the sights, the Land’s End Landmark is ideal for fun activities and learning the local history.

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Written by David

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