Because the United States is such a major player in the shaping of pop-culture, mostly through the likes of Hollywood, many would-be tourists to the U.S.A find that they’re a bit reluctant to book the trip because they feel as if they’ve already seen it all in terms of what it has to offer. The truth is that the U.S.A is quite a colossus of a country with different time zones in different regions, so there’s just no way one could get the full measure of what it has to offer by way of tourism attractions.

In fact, that’s precisely the reason why some U.S. locals would refer to themselves as being “well travelled” while they don’t even own a passport. There is just so much to do and see and it all goes way beyond the clichés.

In some instances however what the world does see on television with regards to how life is in the U.S.A is true, but in very special cases such as the infamous City of Sin — Las Vegas in Nevada. The stuff you see in movies is fictitious for entertainment purposes, for the most part, but that’s a property which can be associated with Hollywood and all the productions coming out of it. With Las Vegas however, you could visit and get the exact same experience which you saw in a movie or on a television show, except maybe something like the robberies carried out in the famous “Oceans Movies” — Oceans Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen.

Las Vegas

Fact is indeed stranger than fiction however, so robberies and other crimes do take place, but would naturally have to be adapted and spiced up a bit for the motion picture.

So yes, that picture painted about Las Vegas being the city of sin is every bit as true as its entertainment hosts would like you to believe. That is indeed what really happens in Vegas and more.

If I had to put it all in one sentence I’d say that Las Vegas is vice central and every one of the world’s vices is available in Las Vegas if the price is right. Fortunes are won and fortunes are lost and there is a general atmosphere of as much of the fast life being available to anyone who has a bit of money to part with as required.

As much as the bright neon lights which in some cases can even be seen from space are indicative of Las Vegas being geared more towards the quintessential night life experience, the entertainment destination also has a lot to offer to families and the small children forming part of these families. It’s not all vice and totally depleted inhibition so there is fun to be had for the whole family, especially in the downtown area and a little bit away from the strip.

Las Vegas Dining Guide

If you plan to head down to the city of sin and lose your inhibition for a while however, remember that all which it has to offer doesn’t necessarily make it safe and legal, so stay safe.

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Written by David

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