Top 5 Fine Dining Restaurants in Bristol

Bristol is well known for its large range in cultures and the stylish offerings available for all budgets. There are hundreds of places that you will go to and be extremely satisfied with the food you receive. The Bristolians absolutely love their food and because of this Bristol offers some of the best food in the country; you just need to know where to look. Here is our breakdown of the top 5 fine dining restaurants in Bristol.

  1. BOX-E

Whilst this restaurant may be set in a cargo container, it doesn’t lack in style and quality. The décor is minimalistic with a Scandinavian twist and the food is exquisite. Many claim that they have eaten the best food of their life here as well as received top-class service. These interiors have influenced many firms (such as BMarko Structures) that specialize in helping restaurants renovate to a modular style.

  1. Pasture

Set in the heart of Redcliffe, this well acclaimed restaurant is best known for serving you the ‘Best steaks in Bristol’. All members of staff care about the customers to extremes and are attentive without being intrusive. They have a great selection of things to eat and nothing on the menu will disappoint.

  1. Adelina Yard

This restaurant can be found along Bristol Harbour, giving you great views to enjoy your food with. They are famous for their tasting menu and wine flights, which are said to give you an incredible and adventurous food journey. For attention to detail, this is the place for you to visit.

  1. Casamia

This is a Michelin star restaurant located in an idyllic location of Bristol. Food is prepared in front of you and is wonderful for a special occasion.

  1. Bulrush

Another Michelin star restaurant, praised for its ambience, located on Cotham road. You will find focused and refined dishes with incredible flavours and textures.

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Written by David

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