Tips For Hosting a Booze-Free Party

A lot of people immediately associate the word party with alcohol.  The thought of having to entertain guests without the help of alcohol can be scary.  I mean, do sober people even know how to have fun? How is anyone possibly going to get up the courage to talk to strangers?  The answer is, you can have a perfectly fantastic party without worrying about your guests driving home drunk.  In fact, some people might even say it’s possible to have an even better time!

Here are some of the best tips for throwing a fun-filled party with no alcohol.

Offer Mocktails

We have great news!  For every classic cocktail recipe that you can find, there is a mocktail version of it too.  What’s a mocktail you ask? If you haven’t heard yet, a mocktail is a cocktail without the booze!  You still get all the yummy sweet goodness without the bite of an alcoholic aftertaste. Not to mention there’s no risk of a hangover in the morning!  Double score!

Mocktails make drinking non-alcoholic drinks fun.  If it’s outdoors, definitely invest in a portable ice maker – it’ll be a life-saver! By offering beverages in a stem glass with quirky condiments, your guests will hardly remember they’re not even drinking booze.  They may not even realize!

Keep Things Entertaining

One of the reasons why people love alcohol so much is because it makes social interactions so much easier. Instead of having to make actual conversation with people to break the ice, you just take a swig of liquid courage and make a silly joke.

When alcohol is taken out of the equation, people have less inclination to strike up conversations with others.  Instead of letting your sober guests sit there in awkward silence, try to fill the air time with fun activities.

It’s time to bust out some fun party games. People might think you’re crazy at first, but once they get into the spirit, chances are they’ll be having a great time.  There are all sorts of games to choose from, whether you buy a card game like Cards Against Humanity or want to give a game of charades a whirl.

Keep Up With The Tunes

Just like some people don’t know how to attend a party without a wine glass in their hand, there are even more people who can’t attend a party without the help of music.

It’s your job as the host with the most to provide the perfect party soundtrack.  Keep it fun and relaxed with a few dancefloor hits programmed in between.

This creates a fun atmosphere without making people feel pressured that they have to dance constantly.  Whereas if every other few songs is a dance hit, they feel more comfortable being able to take breaks and mingle.

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Written by David

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