Tips For Cutting Back On Sugar

Studies show that one of the worst things that you can put into your body is sugar.  Not only does sugar make your body slow down and experience a sugar crash when consumed in large amounts, but you can start to quickly gain weight when you have a diet which is heavy in sugar.

Many doctors agree that cutting sugar completely out of your diet is ideal for a healthy lifestyle.  If you manage to do this you may find yourself increasing your lifespan significantly and avoiding several obesity-related diseases.  Cutting sugar out completely, however, isn’t as easy as it may seem.  Sugar is found in just about everything in some dose or another if you look closely at nutrition labels.  If you don’t think that you could see yourself cutting sugar out completely, here are some tips for cutting back on it significantly.

No More Desserts After Dinner

Even though you may be used to your ritual of finishing a nice big dinner and immediately diving into a sweet treat afterward, this can become an addiction.  When your brain starts to become conditioned to expecting sweet after savory then you are teaching yourself to believe that it is necessary.

By cutting out your desserts after dinner you can begin to retrain your mind that this isn’t necessary at all.  Try to start by substituting your desserts for something which will take the edge off such as a piece of fruit.  Even though fruit still contains natural sugars, it isn’t nearly as bad as sugars that you find in candies and desserts.

Start To Love Black Coffee

Coffee may seem like an innocent beverage that doesn’t pack a lot of punch, however, in one coffee depending on how much cream and sugar you put into your coffee you may find that you are consuming as many as 500 calories in a single cup.  When you add this up to several coffees a day you may be consuming much more than a few innocent cups of coffee like you imagined. Opt for black coffee and you will cut out a significant amount of sugar from your day.

Skip The Juice

Drinking juice frequently is another source of hidden amounts of sugar than many people have no idea about.  In one single serving of orange juice, you can find as many as 300 calories!! When you are drinking this regularly you may be consuming dozens of extra grams of sugar when you thought you were hardly consuming any at all.

Rather than drinking a full glass of juice try cutting it down to half or even a quarter juice with sparkling or flat water.  This way you can have the satisfaction of juice without nearly as many grams of sugar. It may take some adjusting to initially, but you will find that it is incredibly satisfying after a while.

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Written by David

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