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If one was looking to go away on vacation and a tropical island came in as the ideal getaway, the Seychelles probably makes for one of the more expensive options and in fact I’d go as far as saying that the Seychelles is nothing less than a luxury escape through-and-through. If you’re going to be on the main island of Mahé then you could perhaps save a buck or two, but then you would perhaps visit the Seychelles to check out some of the more exclusive retreats, such as Denis Island or the North Island Resort.

Sure, with its location falling nothing short of being strategic (it was of great use even in WW II) one could argue that the Seychelles can regularly and easily get goods imported, but the sheer variety in the culinary delights on offer would rival even the most economically active of continental countries. A close friend of mine who is gluten intolerant had a hard time finding gluten free muesli and in fact he still hasn’t found any over here in the UK with a bit of help from myself and some of our other buddies and yet if you stay at the North Island resort in the Seychelles you have that option of gluten-free muesli as one of many, many others!

That just about sums up what I’m focussing on with this post — the fact that you can get such a wide variety in the food on offer on an island. It’s not even to say that the variety is good for an island, but just good, period!

Dining Guide Seychelles

Not only that, the quality of the food is something else to behold and I understand the fish and other seafood based dishes would be of the freshest and highest quality, but I’m talking here some dishes you’d have a hard time finding in a restaurant on any mainland. Granted, you do pay a pretty penny for a stay at what is a luxury resort nestled within what I can only describe to be paradise, so one would at least expect a half-decent culinary service, but it goes way beyond that. Seriously, a foodie blogger could produce content for about ten to twenty of their posts just focussing on that topic of food — it really is that good, in terms of its presentation, taste and quality.

I won’t even get into the fish dishes, but I’ll have to mention their red-snapper because that is another level of deliciousness in seafood I’d never experienced before.

In the specific case of the North Island Resort, all of the food and snacks are included in the room rate, so one would be crazy not to go crazy with the indulgence of their culinary delights. You can eat as healthily as you want as well while still enjoying the experience to the full, otherwise back on the main island of Mahé you can also enjoy a lot of the food locals love to tuck into themselves, most of which is so freshly prepared that you can almost taste the Indian Ocean in them.

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