Jump Aboard and Go Fishing with Local Fishermen

There are some restaurants in the world which have a fishing crew that directly sources their catch which is to be prepared and served in the restaurant. Lots of these types of restaurants are found in the Southeast Asia region, particularly in the smaller islands of the selection of archeaperlago territories, which makes for a rather comforting thought since dining guests of these restaurants at least know who the suppliers of the food they’re eating are.

For the inquisitive traveller however (which traveller isn’t inquisitive?), you can take your holiday experience to the next level and come away with an unforgettable experience by taking the time to perhaps jump aboard the fishing boat and go fishing with the local fishermen. You can essentially help catch the very food you’re going to have prepared in the restaurant you’re going to dine in and while in many instances this would be something you might have to take the initiative to negotiate participation thereof with the appropriate restaurant’s ownership or management, there are some restaurants which offer this as a distinctive part of their service.

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Thailand has a few of these restaurants, most of which are located right by the seaside and if the experience is not offered to you then it really wouldn’t hurt to be direct and ask about it. You’ll most likely find such as restaurant on an island such as Koh Chang however as opposed to the mainland and I could be mistaken, but I think I remember something about the Saffron on the Sea Restaurant making for one of these restaurants which would provide for a special place for you to tag along on a fishing excursion.

If you manage to get a place on the fishing boat you’ll perhaps have to show up early for the departure with the morning fish run usually kicking off very early in the morning so that the catch of the day can be ready for breakfast by the time the restaurant opens for business. It will be no holiday as you’ll be expected to pull your weight aboard, but there could very well be some unique little experiences and rewards you can enjoy like eating the freshest fish you might have ever had in your life if you’ve never caught fish and put it straight on a cooking heat source on the boat or even enjoyed some chemically cooked fish.

Dining Guide Fishing

If you get no luck in landing a spot on a fishing boat that services a specific seafood restaurant, the next best thing or perhaps even a better way to go is to visit one of the many fishing villages which exist all the way from Hong Kong to the furthest tip of Southeast Asia. From modern fishing villages to the most traditional of these, here you will have an outright opportunity to tag along on a fishing excursion, whether it’s a subsistence excursion or a commercial one.

Very few travel experiences come close to immersing yourself in the local culture in this way.

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