Is it Possible to Enjoy Airplane Food?

There’s perhaps been more books written about the subject, but there’s a particular one which was written with what we could refer to as “insider information” as the writer discusses what used to go on behind the scenes right before food is to be served on a flight. Well it’s more like an exposé really because if I’m not mistaken the book’s title had the word “confessions” in it and the writer explains how she wouldn’t eat airplane food herself.Dining Guide

If you’ve taken a flight or more within the last few years or so however, you’d probably be pretty comfortable believing that it’s not all bad — that airplane food could probably taste better, but is still of good quality with regards to considerations such as hygiene standards. It’s true, standards have definitely improved, whether or not the book played a part in it or not, but depending on the airline you’re flying with, on average airplane food is just about here-and-there — nothing to write home about and not all that much to complain about either.

Usually one has two or three choices of the main course, dessert, drinks and snacks and you get the feeling that it’s really just to tide you over until you arrive at your destination and really, it’s not bad at all, but there is a way to come away from your flight with what you can only describe to have been a dining experience in the sky.

If you fly business class or first class the tables turn completely and that’s exactly what you get — something not unlike a fine-dining experience. You have much more space offered to you on the retractable table, a sure sign of what’s to come. Business class is usually considerably more expensive than economy class however, so the question does indeed come in as to whether or not it’s worth the upgrade for extra leg room and gourmet dishes.

Dining Guide

You’ll definitely enjoy your mile-high dining experience though as it’s really like you’re being waited on in a restaurant. Again, it perhaps depends on the airline you’re flying with, but you get given a menu and within reason of course you also get asked how you’d like your food served with the presentation being something to truly admire. Usually the dishes are made up of the creations of a gourmet chef, many of which are signature dishes as well and many of which can rival the best restaurants you’d find in some places.

You can always go for the “instant upgrade” option or equivalent when you’re booking your flight, which would mean that should there be some space available in business class, your economy class ticket which costs a little bit more than the average economy class ticket would put you in line to be upgraded to business class.

If I could sum it up in one sentence I’d say it’s like staying in a hotel for the duration of your flight, where you can order room service for free (or rather room service already priced into your ticket), so airplane food can definitely be enjoyed in a manner which is not unlike being in a five-star restaurant.

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