It’s fair to say not a large number of people look forward to the cold season. This is going by the number of people who take to social media to complain how the cold season has put paid to their plans or disrupted their schedule.

There is also the issue of having to stay indoors for long periods of time and the common emergence of colds and flus during the cold season. However, the rainy weather doesn’t have to dampen your moods and affect your plans if you know how to handle it.

The key to surviving the cold season is to stay warm and boost your immunity against cold-related illnesses.

What to do

Here’s what you need to stay healthy and cheerful during the cold months of winter.

Drink plenty of fluids

You may to feel as thirsty as you do during the summer since you are not perspiring as much but you still need to be well hydrated.

Drinking plenty of water and soups increases your immunity to fight flu and colds and also helps in their management should contract them. You can also drink to green tea to keep you warm and boost your immunity further.

Stay warm

Stay warm by layering clothes, investing in hats, boots and mittens and making use of hot water bottles and room heaters. Avoid cold foods and drinks like ice cream which can make you feel even colder.

You can also install a fireplace in your home, especially electric types which you can find at Bestelectricfireplaces.Net. Electric fireplaces are easier to ignite and are more environmental friendly compared to the traditional fireplaces.

.Go outdoors

A lot of people suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) during the winter months when there is limited sunshine or lack of it at all.

There is nothing you can do about the sun or the cloud cover but you can go out whenever the weather permits. Take advantage of any small window you can get before the rains and the snow to go outside and bask in whatever little sunshine the clouds have allowed to reach you.

Sun rays have vitamin D which plays an important role in regulating your moods and energy levels. This is why you get moody when you stay indoors for a long time. Staying indoors for most of the cold months will leave you reeling in mood swings and unhappiness.

Maintain your healthy habits

It’s easy to give up on your exercise plan during winter. Do not. You still need to exercise regularly to maintain your weight where you want it to be and also fight common diseases.

Find ways to get at least minutes of exercise daily even if it means working out indoors on the days you can’t brave the rain and the snow to get to your gym.

Staying indoors is likely to affect your serotonin levels which help regulate your appetite and moods. Don’t satisfy you food cravings with junk food which also help uplift your moods, at least for a moment. They will only add to your waist line and make you crave for more. Instead snack on fruits and drink plenty of water to manage hunger pangs.

Do things that you enjoy

The winter can be long and it can be quite miserable for some people so it is very important to do things that you enjoy throughout the season. Whether this is watching TV with your at&t tv plan and other bundles, knitting a jumper, or going for a run, doing whatever you can to cheer yourself up and make you happy can enhance your life greatly.

The whole point of life is to enjoy it and you should not feel guilty about spending a day indoors to watch your favorite movie because if that is what you need to do to bring some joy into your life then so be it.

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Written by David

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