How to Organise a Foodie Road Trip

We live through our senses, but far too often we are concerned with what we can see, hear, and touch, and not on the finer senses like taste or smell. Yes, it can be a great experience to see and enjoy a world-class city, but as every foodie knows, you need to stimulate every sense to truly invigorate your trip and make it memorable. That is why a foodie road trip is such a great idea because it puts emphasis not just on the best sights, but on the more culturally significant aspects of a region – the food. If you have never gone on a foodie road trip before, don’t worry, instead, follow this guide.

Make a Note of Top Restaurants in an Area

The first step to any foodie road trip is to first make a note of the top restaurants in the area. You can do this by reading up on local blogs, local news magazines, and of course local reviews of places in the area. Not every incredible restaurant will be a given five-stars by Michelin, though searching for Michelin-ranked restaurants can be a great place to start.

Don’t Forget Farms and Markets

Another key aspect to any foodie road trip are the farms and farmer’s markets in the area. Eating fresh produce will always be ideal, and certain areas will specialise in different foods. For example, try visiting an olive farm in Greece, or a vineyard in France. By going to the source, you can learn about the food, and perhaps even take a tour. Just don’t forget to bring home your very own foodie souvenir!

Eat Out and Eat in Luxuriously

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when going on a foodie road trip is assuming that you have to eat out every single day. Doing so can get quite expensive, and it also doesn’t allow you to enjoy the fresh produce and markets to their fullest. That is why you should try to both eat out and eat in as luxuriously as possible. Choose accommodations that have a fully-stocked kitchen on Vacation Renter and make food at home every other day with the fresh ingredients you’ve picked up on your road trip. It’s a great way to test your skills and enjoy a more relaxed foodie atmosphere.

Document Your Journey Entirely

Truly great food and food experiences are hard to come by. Far too often restaurants are reviewed favourably because they are good, but not because they are being compared to anything else. By going through the effort to document your road trip, post reviews, and otherwise curate your own foodie blog, you can help out other foodies who are hoping for an incredible journey through the sense just like you. Not only will you be helping them, but by creating a blog or website, you can better preserve your own memories and even create a community that will help you turn your passion into something of a career.

Designing a trip that is meant to invigorate all of your senses is simply a smart idea. By incorporating the luxury that is fine dining and great food, you can enhance any trip and bring home a few new recipe ideas to improve your quality of life year-round.

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Written by David

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