Five Foods You’ll Want To Indulge In

Food is good for you when you have the right relationship with it. When you see food as something to use for comfort you’ll find that it can often do the opposite for you. If you start to see food as something that gives you energy and heals your body, and you eat foods that do these things and not the ones that do the opposite, then you will start to have a better relationship with your food.

Even people in recovery are told to focus on foods and eat healthy. The right foods will heal your mind and can even help heal your organs when you have health issues. It’s just a matter of know which are the right foods to enjoy and which you should avoid.


Indulge in the right foods for breakfast and you’ll be starting your day out right. This is the one meal of the day you are guaranteed to burn all the calories from, and it is a meal in which you want to get most of your day’s energy from. That means you want a protein rich breakfast.

Eggs are good for you, in moderation, and they contain a healthy dose of protein. When it comes to breakfast meats, most of them are too greasy and filled with sodium. Add an avocado for some brain health, couple with a bowl of fruit, and some healthy whole grains and you’ll be on your way to a great day.


Vegetables are the best food group out there, and although you need the other food groups to compliment them and make sure you’re getting a  well-rounded diet, veggies should always fill most of your plate. You can have them with every meal, and even eat them for snacks.

Indulge in veggies in place of junk food. Crunchy vegetables like celery and carrots make great replacements for potato chips.


Fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals, much like vegetables. These, however, make a great replacement when you have a sweet tooth you want to curb. Eat cherries instead of chocolate. Have some watermelon instead of ice cream.

Healthy Desserts

Fruits can be used in healthy desserts as well, to let you have your cake and eat it too. OK, not really cake though. Instead, try making fresh fruit smoothies, fruit crumbles using whole grain oats, and make ice cream out of frozen bananas.

Meat Alternatives

If you want to cut back on the meat you eat, especially red meat, there are some healthy alternatives out there. A couple of the best include beans and legumes. You can make them into burger-like patties, add them to soups, and more. They contain a great deal of protein, so you’ll still be getting a well-rounded meal!

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Written by David

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