Having liaised with actual digital nomads who are really making this rather intriguing way of life work for them, I can confirm that you wouldn’t be faulted for having some pictures of places like Chiang Mai and Ubud amongst others forming in your mind as you start to imagine what the life of a digital nomad is like. As a traveller myself whose culinary indulgences play a huge role in how I rate any travel experience I have, naturally I had to ask about some of the foods which come in as favourites amongst digital nomads.

So here’s what I found out…

It’s not so much about what they’d love to eat, but rather about what’s available to them and this is largely shaped by their budgets. The whole point of living the life of a digital nomad is indeed so that you are free of the conventional confines tying you to one place, like having to pay a monthly rent on a city apartment in London or having to wake up every morning to go on your uninspiring daily commute to work. So, digital nomads normally don’t have the inclination to cook from scratch and really make a hearty, home-cooked meal, but filling up on takeaways can get tiring really quickly, not to mention the health concerns around fast foods especially.

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So what a lot of digital nomads do is live (albeit somewhat temporarily) out of self-catering accommodations where you can indeed go out to the market and come back with fresh ingredients to cook from scratch, so every so often they do fill up on those hearty, wholesome meals their mothers would be oh so proud of them for. This means that things can really get down to the individual’s own taste because you can pretty much prepare yourself any dish you want in that regard.

For most of the rest of the time however, digital nomads really don’t have time to stand watch over some stewing pots — I mean they’re too busy working or playing hard, both of which make up all which the life of a digital nomad is all about. That means going back to fast foods, but not necessarily unhealthy fast foods.

Usually it all really depends on what’s available, so if a specific digital nomad is based in a coastal region then they’ll enjoy a lot of seafood dishes, with fish coming in as one of the cheapest of these, but otherwise digital nomads love just as much of a variety as any traveller or local would.

Dining Guide

That said, if the stomach contents of the typical digital nomads could somehow be x-rayed, what you’d mostly find is a lot of cereal, not so much as you would in the stomach of someone working on a start-up in Silicon Valley, but enough to conclude that digital nomads see the act of sitting down to eat as nothing more than a necessity than something which makes up the whole experience.

Bite-sized snacks go a long way, such as potato wedges (micro-waved or bought ready-made), chicken nuggets and salads.

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Written by David

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