Fast And Healthy Foods To Eat At Home (Or At The Hotel)

Fast food can be healthy, but it depends on what foods you’re eating fast. This isn’t an article about driving through the drive-thru at McDonald’s since there really is no “healthy” when it comes to fast food. Yes, there are “healthier” choices, but even their salads tend to be bigger servings and more calories than anyone needs for one meal.

If you are eating healthy and you are out on the road or you only have a short time at home to grab something to eat you may be confused at what you can have. Most foods that can be made fast aren’t as good for you since even the microwaveable meals you buy can be full of preservatives and sodium. If you’re looking for fast and healthy, here’s how to get it.

Buying Pre-Made Foods

There are microwaveable meals out there that count as food and healthy food options. The key is to read the ingredients. The more familiar those words the better they are for you. You can even find some great organic options.

If you shop in the organic and gluten-free freezer sections of the grocery store you’ll be able to find some pretty creative meal ideas, from dairy-free burritos to spinach pizza that will boost your vitamin A. You may even be able to get some deals if you look for promo codes online (click here to find out more), so keep an eye out! Pick meals that are filled with healthy ingredients, like chicken and vegetables.

Make-Ahead Foods

You can also make stuff ahead of time and divvy it up into serving size containers and freeze them. This is much like the store bought freezer meals, except that you know exactly what goes into them since you’re the one putting them together. You can do this on one of your days off each week.

If you want to make these meals healthy one then you want to pick the right ingredients. When it comes to meat pick things like fresh chicken and ground turkey. Fill at least half the containers up with vegetables, and then top them off with healthy grain options (some of those include amaranth and quinoa).

There is a good deal of recipes available online to walk you step-by-step through make ahead meals. You can make soups, combo bowls, and more.

Snack Foods

There is also a good deal of healthy snack foods that can give you the energy you need in order to get from one meal to the next. Sometimes they can also make OK replacements for meals when you just don’t have the time, just make sure you’re getting some protein to give you energy.

Nuts are a good source of protein energy. You can snack on nuts and seeds, add in some vegetables and fruits to get an extra vitamin boost, and you’ll be all set until you have time to sit down for a proper meal.

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Written by David

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