Essential Countertop Appliances for Every Kitchen

Making a meal from scratch can be a long process and sometimes a tiring one. Although we’d all love to eat freshly cooked meals every day, it can be challenging when you’re on a tight schedule and there just isn’t enough time. Fortunately, there are some appliances that can save time and make cooking simpler. Here are some must-have countertop appliances for every kitchen.


This is one of those basic appliances that make our lives easier. Whether you want to make a cup of tea or coffee in the morning, or you’re dying for a cup-a-soup, you just press that one little button and your water will be boiling in no time. There’s no need to use pots or to turn on your kitchen stove anymore. Kettles come in various shapes, sizes, and colors and will be a valuable addition to your kitchen.


It doesn’t matter if you cook or bake, at one point you’ll realize that you can’t really function in your kitchen without a proper mixer. If you don’t bake much, a hand mixer will be enough. It does the trick and it saves a lot of storage space. However, if you do bake often and in big amounts, a stand mixer will be a lifesaver. It does require more space than a hand mixer, but it will allow you to multitask and make larger amounts of dough or anything else you’re making. Plus, it will leave both your hands free to add any ingredients into the bowl.

Food processor

A food processor is a perfect choice if you like cooking, but don’t really enjoy chopping, slicing or grating stuff. In addition to chopping your onions, food processors will also grate your cheese and slice your carrots. They can be used to crush nuts for your favorite cake and to knead your bread or cookie dough. When choosing a food processor, be sure to buy the one that best suits your needs. This means that, if you have a family, you’ll probably need the one with a bigger bowl and a more powerful motor. On top of all that, there are top-notch food processors, like the ones made by Kenwood in Australia, which come with amazing attachments, such as spatulas, decorative slice discs and even citrus juicers.


If you love smoothies and you’d like to make them as often as possible, you’ll need a good blender. They won’t take as much of your countertop space as food processors and can be used to chop some softer ingredients or to puree boiled vegetables and meat for your favorite soup. They are extremely useful if you have a baby or a toddler and want them to eat only freshly prepared food. Plus, if you’re entertaining and want to make a pitcher of a cocktail, your blender won’t let you down.

Hand blender

If you have a small kitchen and can’t really afford to waste precious space on big appliances, you should buy a hand blender. They are very practical, since you can use them to blend directly in the pot you’ll use for cooking. They can puree soups and baby food and they now come with several different attachments, so that you can chop herbs and softer vegetables or even whip cream.


There’s nothing better than a hot piece of toast in the morning. Butter it, throw some jelly on top and combine it with a steaming cup of tea. Depending on the size of your household, you can buy a toaster for two or four slices of bread. Some toasters such as the commercial toaster grill come with up to five browning settings, several functions and removable crumb trays for easier maintenance. You can even get all your appliances in the same color – cream, red, black or white – to make your kitchen counter look more attractive and modern.

Grill toaster

People mostly use grill toasters for grilled sandwiches, but that’s just a tiny fragment of what they can actually do. You can use them to grill vegetables, chicken or fish and even make waffles. The possibilities are vast, and you’ll find yourself wondering how you’ve ever lived without one. Most of them are non-stick and cleaning them is very simple. They come in several sizes, so you can choose the one that will fit your kitchen perfectly.

So, improve your kitchen skills with these appliances and make cooking and baking fun. Cook your meals with ease and enjoy every one of them, knowing that you saved time in the process. And never be afraid to experiment. Your kitchen, your rules!

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Written by David

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