Eating Clean on the Road

As holiday seasons slowly rolls round, most people can be found working hard towards their summer body, whether it’s dieting, cutting out certain vices or putting in work at the gym. Often, all this hard work is undone the second they arrive at the airport, as the holiday begins and the rules subside. Of course, taking a break means taking a break, so no-one should be expected to follow a strict diet and daily workouts when they’re meant to be kicking back in the pool with a few cocktails, however, is it possible to keep yourself in check, and keep your body healthy whilst exploring new countries? We take a look at some of the easiest ways to eat well across the globe, no matter the location, budget or language barrier.


The wonderful thing about travelling, is no matter where you stop to eat, or purchase food, you can guarantee an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables. No matter your diet preference, whether you’re eating dairy free, gluten free, vegan or kosher, you’re safe in the knowledge that almost all shops and stores will be fully stocked with fresh produce. If you’re looking to keep your calorie in take down, ask for them not to be cooked or drizzled in oil, and find out what ingredients are in the sauces. If you prefer fruit over veggies, most tourist heavy locations will have a market with fresh food, and plenty of food shops will also have a fruit section.


Been lifting weights but worried about keeping your protein levels up away from home? Health supplements are popular in even the most mainstream of supermarkets these days, but if you’re worried you won’t be able to find any, take your own with you. Plenty of companies sell supplements such as whey protein powder that can last months and be easily carried around for convenience. All you need is water and something to mix it with. Of course, if you’re flying, check what you’re able to bring onto the plane before you board. For those of you looking for a dairy free option, many companies do soy, brown rice or pea protein options, to suit any dietary requirement. You can also make your own supplements and store them in empty vegetarian capsules that you can purchase from the likes of Capsule Supplies for consumption during your travel.


The biggest part of most people’s summer holiday, is the drinks, especially if you’re travelling somewhere hot. Most summery drinks such as ciders, shots and cocktails are packed with sugar, which can wreak havoc on your waistline. If you’re looking to kick back with a cold drink, look for a spirit with a mixer such as soda water, or diet sodas, to reduce unnecessary sugar, or if you’re feeling extra classy, go for a bourbon or scotch over ice, for a touch of the high life, without the extra calories.


Whether you’re sitting by the pool on a scorching Spanish island, or simply visiting family somewhere chilly, the distractions of being out of your normal routine, can often lead to dehydration, without even realising it. When the body gets thirsty, it can often be confused with hunger, leading to over-eating. Be sure to carry a water bottle with you, and stay conscious of drinking from it at regular intervals. If you do happen to be somewhere considerably warm, make sure you consume more water than you feel you need, as hot weather will dehydrate you considerably quicker than you’d expect.

Of course, all of this is relative to the trip, the time of year, and what you personal goals are. But if you’re looking to keep a little bit of discipline on a business trip, stay shredded for a beach party or simply impress the in-laws for the first time on a weekend away, keep an eye on these helpful tips, and enjoy yourself guilt free.

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Written by David

Hello I’m Keb, a self-confessed lover of travel and food, join me as I explore the world one meal at a time.