Deciding where to travel is one of lifes hardest decision.

This is something I often struggle with and I used to spend days and weeks on end compiling lists, researching destinations and asking fellow travellers for their recommendations.

A couple of years ago I found myself getting really stressed out at the prospect of deciding my next destination and in a fit of frustration, I threw my map on the floor and left the room. When I returned a couple of hours later, the destination Japan was glaring at me, from an open page on the floor and so my tradition began.

Although I literally throw my map to decide my next destination, I know that some people do want recommendations so I thought that I should list some of my favourite travel destination where you can enjoy breath-taking sceneries, divine culinary delights and generally just have a memorable trip.

Paris, France

France is possibly one of my favourite places in the world, from their diverse selection of rosette awarded restaurants to spectacular landmarks and café cultures, there is nowhere I’d rather spend a long weekend.

If you’re from Europe, Paris is literally a train or plane ride away taking no more than a couple of hours which can be purchased for as little as £30. If you’re from farther afield, I would suggest you stay a little longer and definitely try to visit surrounding cities and countries.


Sicily, Italy

Sicily is renowned for being a city of culture and culinary delights so it’s no surprise that it lands at the top of my list of recommendations.

The island acts as a melting pot of all cultures and this is reflected in its food offering, from the most divine fish I’ve ever eaten to eclectic spices and proper paella, you’ll eat like a king during your visit.

Again, if you’re planning a longer trip (more than a week) then take advance as see as much of the surrounding areas as much as possible.

Sicily, Italy

Marrakesh, Morocco

Any foodie will have Marrakesh on their list for places to explore and I couldn’t agree more.

Marrakesh is a delightful small city which boasts some of the most characteristic alleyways and squares in the whole of Europe. This city revolves around food and drink so it’s a great place to learn and discover all about the rich culture whilst indulging in their spices, olives, bread and hummus.


Lima, Peru

If you’re into your meat then a trip to Peru is a must. Now, I was a little taken aback by some of the specialities on offer but you really just have to embrace it.

Last year, three of Lima’s restaurants were included in the world’s top 50, so many are enjoying the food in Peru right now. Cocktail mixology is a bit of a trend right now in Lima and wider Peru so you can be sure you’ll be trying some interesting and dishes.

As well the food, there is so much to do and see in Lima so try and integrate these amazing restaurants with plenty of sightseeing a exploring the local area.

Lima, Peru

Tokyo, Japan

Street food is king in Japan, everywhere you go people will be eating no matter what time of day so get ready for constant temptation.

It is estimated that there are over 100,000 restaurants in Japan which means you have a huge, eclectic range of restaurants to choose from. This can all seem a little daunting but do your research beforehand and pick out the places you really want to visit.

Again, the cuisine in Japan may be a little different from home but don’t shy away from trying new things, embrace it and remember if locals are eating there, it’s probably pretty good & authentic.