Welcome to Dining Guide, the place where my love for travelling infuses with my love for food.

My name is Keb Simmons, and I’m a Toronto-born foodie who moved to the United Kingdom at the age of 1.

My parents, we’re people of the world and loved to travel at every opportunity, taking me with them when I reached the age of eight. I travelled to the most beautiful locations and this burning desire to see the world never halted.

When I finished college, I wanted to spend my time travelling but I was convinced by my parent to carry on in education and travel when I was done. I begrudgingly agreed and set out trying to find a subject and course that would keep my attention like the world in its purest form does.

I was extremely fortunate that I have parents who are the best cooks in the world, wherever we went as soon as we arrived home by mother would be in the kitchen recreating our favourite dishes from that particular corner of the world, and I was always there with her helping her chop, stir and try.

I was keen to pursue a career in food and so tried to become a chef, unfortunately, that failed and so I started Dining Guide which allows me to pursue my passion for both travelling and cooking, sharing my tips and experiences with the world.

I like to think of myself as a bit of a worldly traveller, enjoying places such as Japan, Florence, Iceland and Russia during my time on the road.

The name Dining Guide was cooked up one night in Paris when I was searching the internet looking for an authentic Parisian café which served good food and excellent wine. I simply searched dining guide into my search engine and found nothing of use, so thought I would be the one to fix the problem and give other travellers like myself a one-stop-guide to everything travel and food.

I love to connect with other travellers so if you’re in need of some tips, want to give me some of your own or would like to share experiences, please get in touch by clicking here.