8 Famous Indian Restaurants in Dubai

Dubai is famed for its amazing, logic-defying attractions, luxurious lifestyles, and world-class shopping, but there’s a lesser-known fact about this great city. Dubai is a city made mostly of immigrants. Almost 90% of the population are ex-pats with a Dubai visa or citizenship. And what do most immigrants do? They bring along their food culture. With Indians being the highest immigrant population, they have positively influenced Dubai’s food culture. No wonder, the city is home to some amazing Indian restaurants. So, if you an Indian food fan and are looking for a good food experience, here are 8 famous restaurants in Dubai can try: 

Kris with a View 

To enjoy dinner with a view, head to Kris with a View. The restaurant is located on Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel’s 19th floor and brings exceptional dishes that pay homage to the ancient spice trade. Most dishes are predominantly Indian, but you will also find a few Arabian, Asian and European dishes that have been uplifted with delicious spices. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this place is always packed so make sure you make reservations in advance. 

Rangoli Restaurant

Craving some yummy Gujju food, or in the mood for some spicy South Indian, head to Rangoli Restaurant in Meena Bazaar. This is one of the most popular joints with the Indians living in Dubai, so you know the food is going to be good here. Other than Gujarati and South Indian food, Rangoli also serves a variety of chaats that are their most popular dishes. Rangoli Restaurant also has a couple more branches in Karama and Oud Metha. The food here is so authentic that you will feel like you are in India. 


The Holiday Inn on Sheikh Zayed Road is home to one of the finest Indian restaurants in the UAE. Gharana gives more than an Indian meal, it gives you an experience that is complete with decor that takes you to India, music that entertains and soothes at the same time, and gastronomical delights that will feel like a party for your taste buds. Gharana has a few signature must-try dishes that have only added to the restaurant’s fame. Murgh Ghazala, Nihari Al Subha, Dal Gharana, and Litchi Rabdi are the dishes you have to try. Gharana is popular, so make sure you make early reservations if you want to dine here. 

Rang Mahal 

This restaurant takes its name seriously. The interiors are packed with the most vibrant and colourful décor reminiscent of India. From international recognition to Michelin stars, Rang Mahal has everything. This place is especially famous for its unique take on food. Their signature dishes like Crum Chops, Fish Fry, Kheema Toast, Kori Kempu, and Soft-Shell Crab are so masterfully created that people from all over the country come to sample them. Rang Mahal is located on the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel’s 4th floor. 


Many consider Indego as the best Indian restaurant in Dubai, and there’s definite merit to this consideration. All the dishes have been created and refined by Michelin Star chefs, including the signature dishes like Lamb Rogan Josh, Biryani, Butter Chicken, and Kebab Platter. These sound like the usual fare, but once you taste them, you’ll know they have been elevated to another level. Indigo is located on Al Emreef Street in the Dubai Marina area. 

Bombay Chowpatty 

Bombay Chowpatty is more like a fast-food restaurant as it has been opening many branches all over Dubai and neighbouring cities. Bombay Chowpatty is a must-stop for many Indian tourists who miss Indian snacks like chaats and dosas. For those looking for a more filling meal, there’s also chole bhature. Bombay Chowpatty serves tasty food at the most reasonable prices, and since there are multiple outlets, many people eat here daily.  

Raju Omlet Restaurant 

If the name doesn’t make it clear to you, Raju Omlet Restaurant is a restaurant that specialises in eggs. So, how many dishes can one make with eggs? Raju Omlet Restaurant is on its way to find out. From rolls and omelettes to half fry and even burgers, Raju Omlet Restaurant will make your egg the way you want. Also, another reason to visit the place is the quirky interiors.  


South Indian food is the go-to food for many, and if you are one of them, you have to visit Aryaas. Once you set foot here, you will feel like you are in a typical South Indian restaurant in India. The bright atmosphere, the tables and chairs, and the steel utensils, all are authentic just like the food. If you are going as a group, do try the 5-foot-long paper masala dosa. It’s delicious!

If you have your Dubai tourist visa and are heading to the city, make sure you try these famous Indian restaurants if you too love Indian cuisine. 

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