5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Cooking Skills

Improving your cooking skills takes more than just practice. The more knowledge you have about food, the more efficient you’ll become in the kitchen. Beside reading more recipes, here are 5 simple, fun ways you can improve your cooking skills

1.     Watch Cooking Videos and TV Shows

Watching videos and TV shows are engaging ways to learn how to cook. It’s a lot more interesting than reading a simple recipe. You can also learn a lot of masterclass techniques by watching a more experienced cook handle the food.

Because chefs that make cooking videos need to keep their audience entertained, they will often talk while they work. Find a cook that gives a lot of useful information about food in between the steps to learn quickly. Watch their videos and see if there’s a way to request dishes they can cover in a video.

2.     Familiarize Yourself with Different Equipment

Some of the more complex dishes require a lot of efficiency. There are many tools out there that can make things easier in the kitchen, but you have to know how to use them correctly to get the most out of them.

Look up different kitchen equipment and watch videos on how they work and how they’re used. When you buy the equipment at the store, ask if you can test it out as they explain the different functions. Read reviews and make sure you get high quality equipment.

3.     Offer to Cook for Others

This tip works best on those who are competitive or work well under pressure. Volunteer to prepare a dish at events and get-togethers. The pressure to make a dish everyone enjoys may give you the edge you need to learn quickly.

Make sure you know your limits. Don’t try to make an overly complicated meal, especially if it’s your first time making it. If it is your first time making something for an event, give yourself more time than usual.

4.     Expand Your Taste Palate

Introduce yourselves to different kinds of foods, even if you’re not interested in cooking them. Learning how to savor different tastes will widen your knowledge of different textures and tastes. You can use this knowledge to make better decisions when cooking. Knowing when something is finally done or needs more salt is the hallmark of a great cook.

5.     Order Dishes from Local Restaurants

Order food from your local restaurants to get inspiration or new dishes. You can learn what certain dishes are supposed to taste like and use the ordered dish as a blueprint for your own recipe.

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