4 Things You Need To Know About Coffee Pods

For many people, a great day starts with a cup, or two, of freshly roasted coffee. Over the last several years, the single-serve, coffee pods that are used in popular single serve coffee makers, have exploded in the market. In 2013, nearly one-fifth of U.S. households used coffee pods, according to a report released by Time magazine. They are a convenient and straightforward way to get the perfect cup of coffee without the extra work. However, if you’re new to the world of coffee, you may not know everything you should about coffee pods. Here are four things that you need to know about coffee pods, so you can get the perfect cup of coffee before your day begins.  

Coffee Pods Have Been Around for More than 20 Years

Yep, that’s right, those little pods of coffee have been around since 1996 when the original pod was designed by Illy café. The company opened its idea of marketing a freshly roasted coffee, perfectly ground, tampered to the right pressure, and encapsulated in a paper to the market. While they were the first developer for the design, many coffee machine makers now offer special adaptors with their machines to accept these pods.

They Provide You With Guaranteed Results

Each single-use coffee pod contains 10 grams of coffee, according to LeafTV, which is the equivalent to the standard two tablespoons that are needed for an 8-ounce cup, guarantying you’ll have the perfect cup of coffee every morning. Plus, with the convenient coffee pods, there is no mess to clean up after you’re done. Plus, you can use the used coffee from the pods as a fertilizer for your garden.

They Don’t Expire

While each coffee pod has a Best Used by Date, this doesn’t mean that they expire after that date. Instead, this date is only a guideline to follow if you want maximum freshness that is recommended by the individual coffee roasters. Each coffee pod is individually sealed and impermeable to oxygen, moisture, and light, to help ensure its freshness. However, if you want to get the freshest cup of coffee from your single-use pods, and extend their shelf life, you need to store them properly and ensure that the original seals remain unbroken.

You Can Recycle the Pods

If you’re worried about the impact your used Nespresso chocolate pods might have on the environment, you can recycle them. To add them to your recycling bin, however, you have to make sure that the top of the pod is completely removed and that you’ve removed the used coffee grounds from inside the cup. Also, you’ll want to check the number on the bottom of the pods to ensure they can be recycled. This handy chart by Eartheasy can help you determine if the coffee pods you use can be recycled.   There are also tons of ways you can reuse the coffee pods, from creating small planters for an indoor herb garden to containers for your small craft supplies.

With more and more households turning to single-use coffee makers, it’s important to know what coffee pods are and how to use them. These four things will help you start enjoying the rich taste of a single cup of coffee.

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