4 Reasons To Stop Drinking Coffee

Coffee is something that many cultures incorporate into their daily routines.  It is something that is sold on street corners across the world and is a standard activity to pass the time in social situations.  While coffee can be delicious, it is also loaded with caffeine which is a drug.  Caffeine is known to have certain unfavorable effects on the body and can even cause withdrawal when not consumed.  

Rather than feeding your caffeine addiction by drinking coffee continuously, consider making the switching to drinking tea instead.  Here are some of the biggest reasons that you should quit drinking coffee.

It Increases Stress

Have you ever noticed that when you drink too much coffee you start to get the shakes and are in a tense mood?  Because of the increase in caffeine your muscles can become tight, your mood is stressed, and you aren’t feeling at ease.  It can cause you to feel downright ill.

If you are someone who is naturally prone towards anxiety, too much coffee can cause you to have a full blown panic attack.  If you suffer from stress regularly you may want to look at your overall coffee consumption.  Take a look at how your stress decreases after you cut it out of your diet for a week.  Once you see what an improvement it makes on your mood you will never go back.

It Cuts Your Appetite

Drinking coffee tends to make people’s appetite lessen.  This can be ideal for those who have extra weight to lose, however for people who are underweight, this can cause them to miss out on essential micro and macro nutrients which they need in food.

Too much coffee can also lead to binge eating.  Once the caffeine buzz wears off and your body realizes that it hasn’t eaten all day, you can find yourself hit with a huge wave of hunger and start stuffing your face with food.

It Stains Your Teeth

One of the biggest culprits of teeth discoloration is drinking coffee.  When you consider that coffee stains your clothing it is no mystery that it is doing the same thing to your white teeth causing them to turn a few shades shy of yellow.

If you cut coffee out of your diet and start using a natural whitening tooth treatment, you will find that the comparison of your teeth color will change dramatically.

It Is Expensive

When you are buying a coffee at the cafe every day on your day to work you are most likely paying anywhere from 2.50 to 5 dollars.  Some people are paying even more based on what size and additional ingredients or substitutions they are getting.

When you add up this price per day and multiply it by the days in a month, you’ll be horrified to see that you can be spending over one hundred dollars a month on just coffee.

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Written by David

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