3 Tricks To Keep Yourself From Overeating During A Meal

There’s nothing better than a great meal shared with great people. But have you ever left a meal feeling like your waistband is much too tight and you just need to sit and rest for a while? If you have, it’s likely that you overate during your meal.

Overeating can happen for many reasons. Getting distracted during a meal can cause you to overeat. Also, if you have an unhealthy relationship with food, you may overeat as a result of an addiction or other impulse. Luckily, there are some simple things you can do that will help you to stop overeating. To show you how, here are three tricks to keep yourself from overeating during a meal.

Use A Smaller Plate

When you were younger, did your parents make you finish everything on your plate before you were allowed to leave the table? While this is a great rule for limiting waste, it’s not always helpful if you want to avoid overeating. But according to Lizzie Fuhr, a contributor to Women’s Health Magazine, one way you can fight back against this ingrained way of thinking is to eat off smaller plates. When you use smaller plates, your portion sizes are automatically more controlled. This will allow you to realize when you’re full and not make you feel like you should be eating more than your body actually needs.

Eat Every Four Hours

People often make bad decisions regarding food when they’re desperate. For this reason, Heidi Reichenberger McIndoo, a contributor to Prevention.com, writes that eating every four hours can help keep you from overeating during your meals. If you wait too long to eat something, your body goes into panic mode, which can result in you eating too much or making a poor nutritional choice simply because it’s convenient. But if you eat a small, well-balanced meal every four hours or so, your body is in the ideal window for eating enough to satisfy you but not too much that you’ll feel too full.

Slow Down

If you frequently eat your food very quickly and then feel sick afterward, there’s a good chance that you’re regularly overeating. According to Lauren Gelman, a contributor to Reader’s Digest, people who eat quickly don’t allow their bodies the chance to tell them they’re full before they’ve already overeaten. This means that they are taking in more food than they need, which can cause them to have a higher BMI than those who eat slower. So to keep from overeating, slow down during meals times and take your time with your food.

If you often overeat during meals but aren’t sure how to keep yourself from doing so, use the tips mentioned above to help you learn how to regain control over your meal times.

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