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Essential Countertop Appliances for Every Kitchen

Essential Countertop Appliances for Every Kitchen
Making a meal from scratch can be a long process and sometimes a tiring one. Although we’d all love to eat freshly cooked meals every day, it can be challenging when you’re on a tight schedule and there just isn’t enough time. Fortunately, there are some appliances which can save time and make cooking simpler. Here are some must-have countertop appliances for every kitchen.…continue reading →

You Can Never go Wrong with a Travel Backpack

You Can Never go Wrong with a Travel Backpack
One of the most important things for me when I go on any adventure is to make my life easier. I like to stay in a central location, have a few handy phrases written down in the local language, and bring my Travel Backpack. If my travels go smoothly, then I enjoy the time and can really savior what a place has to offer. This article is here to describe my new favorite accessory for when I hit the road – my trusty backpack. I’m going to tell you why I like it so much and how it changed my travelling for the better.…continue reading →

4 Reasons To Stop Drinking Coffee

4 Reasons To Stop Drinking Coffee
Coffee is something that many cultures incorporate into their daily routines.  It is something that is sold on street corners across the world and is a standard activity to pass the time in social situations.  While coffee can be delicious, it is also loaded with caffeine which is a drug.  Caffeine is known to have certain unfavorable effects on the body and can even cause withdrawal when not consumed.  continue reading →

Jump Aboard and Go Fishing with Local Fishermen

Jump Aboard and Go Fishing with Local Fishermen
There are some restaurants in the world which have a fishing crew that directly sources their catch which is to be prepared and served in the restaurant. Lots of these types of restaurants are found in the Southeast Asia region, particularly in the smaller islands of the selection of archeaperlago…Continue reading...

Surviving in and Enjoying Some of the World’s Most Expensive Cities

Vancouver, Hong Kong, Monte Carlo, New York, Melbourne, Auckland... These are just some of the world’s most expensive places to live in, which by extension would make them some of the most expensive destinations to visit as well. By no means is this an exhaustive list -- it’s just a…Continue reading...

Filling up on Street Food

Is this one of those times when you can let go of your inhibition a bit, toss the tour guide away and go with the flow like a dead fish? You bet it is, as that’s exactly what the street food scene and the whole culture around it is all…Continue reading...

Favourite Foods for Digital Nomads

Having liaised with actual digital nomads who are really making this rather intriguing way of life work for them, I can confirm that you wouldn’t be faulted for having some pictures of places like Chiang Mai and Ubud amongst others forming in your mind as you start to imagine what…Continue reading...

What Happens in Vegas, Really?

Because the United States is such a major player in the shaping of pop-culture, mostly through the likes of Hollywood, many would-be tourists to the U.S.A find that they’re a bit reluctant to book the trip because they feel as if they’ve already seen it all in terms of what…Continue reading...

Why Travellers Should Consider Hostels as Accommodation

Look, you may harbour a deep running appreciation for all things luxurious when you’re on a trip abroad or even if you’re taking a local trip, but there’s a difference between luxury and overpriced products and services which are usually just given a fancy name or brand. At the end…Continue reading...

Why the Stars Will Never Be Perfectly Aligned for You to Travel

Ever wake up to a morning when after instantly feeling the energy of life surging through your body you just know that you’re going to have a great day, or have you ever just found yourself wondering when the lucky streak you appear to be experiencing is going to eventually…Continue reading...
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